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TODAY 5 PM ET / 2 PM PT...Webinar #7: Pattern In The Tabernacle

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The Pattern In the Tabernacle (Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny)

  • A theory developed by Ernst Haeckel (1834–1919).
  • His concept describes a social, historical and psychological hypothesis comparing, in brief form (recapitulation), the development of the embryo of organic life particularly animal including human,
  • From fertilization through gestation, to birth (ontogeny); with the stages resembling or representing successive stages in the evolution of the animal's remote ancestors (phylogeny).
  • Comparisons to this theory have been formulated in other fields, including cognitive (mental) development.
  • Infant to Elder

Phylogeny - Organic History

  • Phylogeny refers to the evolutionary history of humanity
  • From Water, to bacteria, to plant, to Fish, to Amphibian, to Reptile, to a Mammal named, “Hadrocodium, (Had-row-ko-dee-uhm)”
  • Phylogeny is the Evolutionary History of a species.

Click Here To Purchase Webinar #7: Pattern In The Tabernacle


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