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*Replay - Webinar #3 - DNA & RNA

Click Here To Purchase *Replay - Webinar #3 - DNA & RNA

Hotep Family, I would like to acknowledge and thank all the participants from the webinar on DNA & RNA.

If you were NOT able to purchase the webinar and/or want to watch the replay of the webinar, this product contains the entire lecture with Q&A, as well as the PDF of the slides in the webinar.

The ”Eve” Gene

It will also show the scientists what genes have been preserved and which ones have been rejected through the process of natural selection.

Scientifically, the African woman is the only organism that possesses the mitochondrial DNA that has all the variations possible for every different kind of human being on this earth.

When the DNA of a Black woman mutates, all other types of human being come into existence.

This gene is called the “Eve Gene,” and is only found in Black women.

What is DNA?

  • DNA contains the genetic information that allows all forms of life to function, grow and reproduce.

  • Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the cell’s hereditary material and contains instructions for development, growth and reproduction.

  • DNA is passed from generation to generation in humans and many other organisms.

  • The same DNA is located in nearly every cell of the human body. DNA is mostly located within chromosomes in the nucleus, but some DNA is also found in the mitochondria.

  • Chromosomes consist of DNA coiled around histones (alkaline proteins).

  • If extended, the DNA would measure approximately 2 meters

   (a little over 2 yards).

DNA is made up of four chemical (nitrogen) bases


  1. Adenine

  2. Guanine



  1. Cytosine

  2. Thymine

The Two (2) Pairs of Chemical (Nitrogen) Bases

These pairs are called base pairs.

  • Adenine + Thymine

  • Cytosine + Guanine

  • The base pairs are held together by a hydrogen bond.

  • One base plus a deoxyribose sugar molecule and a phosphate group create a nucleotide.


Click Here To Purchase *Replay - Webinar #3 - DNA & RNA

Click Here To Purchase *Replay - Webinar #3 - DNA & RNA


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