*Replay - Webinar #2 - Atumic Consciousness

Click Here To Purchase *Replay - Webinar #2 - Atumic Consciousness

Hotep Family, I would like to acknowledge and thank all the participants from yesterday's webinar on Atumic Consciousness.

If you were NOT able to purchase the webinar and/or want to watch the replay of the webinar, this product contains the entire lecture with Q&A, as well as the PDF of the slides in the webinar.

Human Consciousness of Consciousness To Know that You Know

• Consciousness is the distinguishing characteristics of humanity.

• Consciousness allows humans to possess the potential for reflecting on its own state of mentality.

• This reflection includes the ability to be outside of self and view self from an objective perspective, all the while knowing, that it is the subject.

• Animal consciousness is subjective.

• Human consciousness is subjective and objective.

The Ascension of the Mind is like Ivy on a Building

• The development of the human mind can be compared to ivy on a building. As the ivy spreads over and covers the stones or a wall, the twig that secures a hold...strengthens...and then puts out another twig...

• Any twig that does not secure a hold after a time, ceases to grow and eventually dies...the twig never came to realize that survival depended on its ability to adapt to its surroundings/environment.

Emotion is Necessary in Life, It Must be Balanced by Ma’at

-Anger is Emotion OUT of Control 

-Passion is Emotion IN Control

Click Here To Purchase *Replay - Webinar #2 - Atumic Consciousness

*Replay - Webinar #2 - Atumic Consciousness