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*Replay - Webinar #1 - Shabaka's Galactic Family

Hotep Family, I would like to acknowledge all the participants from yesterday's webinar on the Shabaka Stone and thank them.

If you were not able to purchase the webinar, this product contains the entire lecture with Q&A, as well as the PDF of the slides in the webinar.

Click Here To Purchase *Replay - Webinar #1 - Shabaka's Galactic Family

Background Information

Our Galactic Family

  • Info taken from, Evidence of Collective Behavior in the Cosmos, Astrophysics Faculty Science News Jan 15. 2021, Article by Dr. Inés Urdaneta, Physicist, Resonance Science Foundation Research Scientist Comparative Human Telekinesis and Psychic (Soul) Telepathy
  • The observation of a symbiotic, synchronized behavior between galaxies.
  • Hundreds of galaxies rotating in sync with the motions of galaxies separated by megaparsecs (millions of light years) tens of millions of light years away.
  • Like the Neurons in the Human Brain.

Click Here To Purchase *Replay - Webinar #1 - Shabaka's Galactic Family

Next Webinar - Oct. 3rd - Atumic Consciousness

*Replay - Webinar #1 - Shabaka's Galactic Family

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Quibinar 43 - The Brain's Trinity

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