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*REPLAY VIDEO* Webinar #6 - Panspermia

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If you were NOT able to see the webinar and want to watch the replay of the webinar, this product contains the entire lecture with Q&A, as well as the PDF of the slides in the webinar.


The Forever Present..Cosmic Male Energy that Fertilized the Universal Female Womb and Together They Created the Cosmic Universe

Before the beginning began, before existence existed,

  • Thought in Universe’s Mind created Desire in Cosmic Heart,

  • Desire spoke Word in Cosmic Heart, and Word made Flesh.

  • Flesh brought all and everything into Being and started the Process of the Cosmos’ becoming in the Universe.

The Cosmos - The Self Impregnated Cosmic Universe

  • Think of a vast ocean.

  • Within these endless waters, there is a force that separates the ocean into drops of water.

  • Each drop of water is made up of the Ocean and the Ocean is present in each drop.

  • The force that separates the Universal ocean (Wombed Egg) into drops of water is the Creator (Panspermia).

  • The “Act” of creating drops of water gives each drop a “Special Purpose”.

  • This purpose is uniquely designed to perform a “Specific Task,” and each specific task is an individual human soul.

  • The force that keeps all drops of water connected within the great ocean is “Spirit”.

  • The Ocean is the Universal Spirit (Macro-Ka) also called the Macro-cosmos, and each drop of water is the Individual Spirit (Micro-Ka) also called the Micro-cosmos. 1


**1) Spirituality Before Religions-Spirituality is Unseen Science: Science is Seen Spirituality, Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, Amazon Publishing, WA, 2019, p 9.

Click Here To Purchase REPLAY VIDEO Webinar #6 - Panspermia


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