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Origins Of The European Ethnic Stock [Part 2]

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Humanity During the Ice Ages

  • 1.75 m-12,000 ya – Ice Ages on Earth
  • 4 glacials (stadials) and 4 interglacials (interstadials)
  • Wurm- 75,000-12,000 years ago (ya)
  • Wurm 1 interstadial – 50,000-40,000 ya
  • Wurm 2 stadial – 40,000-20,000 ya
  • H Sapiens Sapiens emerged in Africa 150,000 ya
  • HSS appeared during Riss ice age – 120,000 ya
  • HSS appears in Europe 50,000 ya they stayed there during Wurm 2 about 40,000.
  • Vitamin D is necessary for the mineralization of the bones

The Creation of the European and Asian Ethnic Stocks

  • A small sub-group of this Africoid population around the 51st parallel of Eurasia became isolated during the mid-Wurm period in a frigid, sunless environment and evolved into the white-skinned Caucasoid.
  • Other Africoids in southern Asia wandered northward into the Asian steppes and underwent changes in a treeless, cold, windswept environment which produced the Asian ethnic stock.
  • After the Asians appeared, groups of them crossed the Bering land bridge between Asia and America and over the millenniums gradually occupied the entire Western hemisphere.
  • After a time, there was intermittent contact and intermingling between the Asian sand the Europeans from the southwestern edge of the Eurasian land mass.
  • This scheme accounts for the phenotypic and genetic relationships seen between the ethnic stocks today.** African Presence in Early Europe, ed., Ivan Van Sertima, Journal of African Civilizations, Ltd, Inc., vol. 7, no. 2, 1985.  “Race and Evolution in Pre-History,” Charles Finch, P 288-312.**

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