(Stream) We Came Before Columbus (Aboriginal Americans)

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(Stream) We Came Before Columbus (Aboriginal Americans)

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From the Book, African Presence in Early America pg. 28

Kush-Kemet and American Similarities

  • Horizontal and vertical looms in Egypt & Peru

  • Peruvian bronze of the same quality as the Egyptian

  • Identical mummification formula in both Egypt & Peru

  • Identical Reed Boats of Egypt & Peru

  • Trepanation skull surgery in Egypt & Peru

  • Fitted megalithic masonry in Egypt & Peru

  • Identical reed boats in Egypt & Peru

  • Egyptian sun-doors in a pyramid complex at Tiahuanaco

  • Egyptian dovetails or clamps to keep stone blocks to keep together at Tiahuanaco (Tee-ah-hwah-Nah-Kah).

From the book, "Early America Revisited"

Pieces of Evidence of Africans in Early America

African dot and crescent symbol formation on rock wall in the Virgin Lands...verified as a Tifinag branch of Libyan script by Libyan Department of Antiquities.

  • Africans in the Olmec world started rituals that appeared nowhere else in the world except in the Egypto-Nubian civilization, p 52

  • Among the "Egypto-Nubian"...human-headed coffins found in Afgin, Nubia and in Olmec, Mexico and no-where else in the world, p. 54

  • Tuxla Mexico's colossal, multi-ton carvings of "more than a dozen stone heads, indisputably African in physiognomy:" p. 73

  • Olmec figurines representing Africans types with distinctive African coiffures and earrings, ears, lips, noses, color of skin, p. 89-93

  • Africa's Pharaoh Ramses Il's mummy had American nicotine residue, found in his stomach p. 165 & 134 mummies in -61- Munich tested positive for nicotine & cocaine." P 39

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