BEST OF QUIBINARS...Quibinars 19, 39, 43 & 44 (The BRAIN Collection)

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BEST OF QUIBINARS...Quibinars 19, 39, 43 & 44 (The BRAIN Collection)

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Quibinar #19

The Two Hemispheres of the Brain

  • Like the two hemispheres of the brain, African philosophy blends and combines spirituality with science.  
  • Science deals with matter, finity, and light; science is seen spirituality.  
  • Spirituality is space, infinity, and darkness; spirituality is unseen science.  
  • While they are not the same, they are like the head and tail of a coin.  
  • The head is not the tail and the tail is not the head, but they are two sides of the same coin.

Quibinar #39

The importance of the Shabaka’s Stone is it brings together ancient African ideas about creation into a broad philosophical system about the nature of the Cosmic Universe.

     The creation story is simultaneously spiritual (Sacred) and physical (Scientific), a Sacred Science.

     The African sacred and scientific world cannot be separated.

     The reality of creation is the consequence of the:

  • Idea (Nun-Thought-Conception-Theory) and
  • Act (Ptah-Doing-Implementation-Practice)
  • Speech (Atum-Speech-Command).

Quibinar #43

Corpus Callosum

  • The brain is divided into the right and left hemisphere, and the two halves are connected by the corpus callosum.
  • This bundle of nerve tissue contains over 200 million axons (nerve fibers that carry electrical impulses from neurons’ cell bodies) by rough estimate.
  • This neural tissue facilitates communication between the two sides of the brain.

The Claustrum - The Integrater

The extensive connection of the claustrum thus supports the possible role of claustrum involvement in integrating multiple inputs of a single conscious percept (sense/sensation).

Quibinar #44

The location of the Eye of Heru is clearly identified as being in the forehead. The mid line of the forehead above the brow is the location of the pineal gland, a light sensitive organ that in early fish and lower vertebrate, existed as an actual 3rd or 4th eye on the back of the head.

This Eye was called “Great Of Magic”, because it possessed the power to organize and arrange lower states of the Al-kemetic process.

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