(Stream) Quibinar #22 - African Foundations Using Ma'at

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The African Teaching and Learning Process

  • African teaching functions must be embedded in and must serve an African community.

  • Traditionally, African communities have been identified by a shared belief in several key elements.

  • It is these elements that are the foundation for African teachers.

Foundations For African Teachers

  • The belief that the cosmos is alive.

  • The belief that spirituality is at the center of our being.

  • The belief that human society is a living spiritual part of the cosmos, not alien to it.

  • The belief that each person has a divine purpose and destiny.

  • African teachers recognize the genius and the divinity of each child, speaking to and teaching to each child’s intellect, humanity, and spirit.

  • We do not question a child’s possession of these things.

  • In touching the intellect, humanity and spirit within children, African teachers recognize the centrality of relationships between teachers and students, among students, and within the African community as a whole.

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(Stream) Quibinar #22 - African Foundations Using Ma'at

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