*REPLAY VIDEO* Webinar #6 - Panspermia

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*REPLAY VIDEO* Webinar #6 - Panspermia

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The Forever Present..Cosmic Male Energy that Fertilized the Universal Female Womb and Together They Created the Cosmic Universe

Before the beginning began, before existence existed,

  • Thought in Universe’s Mind created Desire in Cosmic Heart,

  • Desire spoke Word in Cosmic Heart, and Word made Flesh.

  • Flesh brought all and everything into Being and started the Process of the Cosmos’ becoming in the Universe.

The Cosmos - The Self Impregnated Cosmic Universe

  • Think of a vast ocean.

  • Within these endless waters, there is a force that separates the ocean into drops of water.

  • Each drop of water is made up of the Ocean and the Ocean is present in each drop.

  • The force that separates the Universal ocean (Wombed Egg) into drops of water is the Creator (Panspermia).

  • The “Act” of creating drops of water gives each drop a “Special Purpose”.

  • This purpose is uniquely designed to perform a “Specific Task,” and each specific task is an individual human soul.

  • The force that keeps all drops of water connected within the great ocean is “Spirit”.

  • The Ocean is the Universal Spirit (Macro-Ka) also called the Macro-cosmos, and each drop of water is the Individual Spirit (Micro-Ka) also called the Micro-cosmos. 1


**1) Spirituality Before Religions-Spirituality is Unseen Science: Science is Seen Spirituality, Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, Amazon Publishing, WA, 2019, p 9.

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