(Stream) Quibinar #18: 6 Steps Of The Scientific Method

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Before the Beginning Began…Before Existence Existed

  • Thought in the Universe’s Mind created Desire in the Heart, 

  • Desire spoke Word in the Heart, and 

  • Word made Flesh.  

  • Flesh was the manifestation that brought all and everything into Being and started the Process of the Cosmos’ becoming within the Universe. 

  • The Creator’s first thought, before the beginning began was and is the Annunciation (Question)

  1. Forming a Question

  2. Gather Information...Finding The Facts

  3. State a Hypothesis

  4. Design an Experiment

  5. Make Observations and Record Data/Organize and Analyze Data

  6. State a Conclusion

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(Stream) Quibinar #18: 6 Steps Of The Scientific Method

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