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(Stream) - Quibinar #4: Emotional and Interpersonal Intelligence

Quibinar #4: Emotional Intelligence Interpersonal Intelligence

These Capabilities Determine How We Know People and Manage Relationships

Social Awareness – Knowing Others

• Empathy: Sensing others’ emotions, understanding their perspective, and taking active interest in their concerns

• Organizational awareness: Reading the currents, decision networks, and politics at the organizational level

• Service: Recognizing and meeting follower, client, or customer needs

Relationship Management Leadership

• Inspirational Leadership: Guiding and motivating with a compelling vision

• Influence: Wielding a range of tactics for persuasion

• Developing Others: bolstering others’ abilities through feedback and guidance

• Change Catalyst: Initiating, managing, and leading in a new direction

• Conflict Management: Resolving disagreements

• Building Bonds: Cultivating and maintaining a web of relationships

• Teamwork and Collaboration: Cooperation and team building 


(Stream) - Quibinar #4: Emotional and Interpersonal Intelligence

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